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Perfect Ending, Industrial Pinnacle——" The 4th Shanghai International Service Robot Show ”



Perfect Ending, Industrial Pinnacle ——



In recent years, China has become the world's largest robot market. If the robot has an abundant perception and "artificial intelligence", it will integrate and analysis the information received. Not only can it help you do housework, assist doctors to do surgery, but also can enter the dangerous scene, exploration, blasting, search and rescue and other special operation robots ...  In the future, service-oriented robot market will be more than industrial robots, it has a huge potential for the "blue ocean."


It can be seen that all over the world, surely include China, the development of service robot industry is on the upgrade and strong momentum, which is a huge opportunity for the domestic service robot industry, "SR SHOW The 4th fourth Shanghai International Service Robot Show " is nothing but let you get closer to the opportunity. Here were the most cutting-edge information, the most innovative device, the exhibits that undertook much of expectations, and the show of wonderful and intense contest, here was a professional exhibition of service robot industry that blended the technology, trade, brand and perceptiveness together, here was "The 4th Shanghai International Service Robot Show” which was held from December 8-10 at the E1 hall of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, the exhibition attracted 47 thousand viewers to visit the exhibition just in three days!


Strong media lineup boosted brand effect


In order to expand the brand effect of the exhibition, this exhibition cooperated with more excellent domestic and foreign media, widely spread "SR SHOW " grand occasion before and after the scene. Numerous reporter from “the people.cn”, ChinaNews, Sohu Finance, IT Times, PChome, China Robot, “1hjqr.com”, “qianzhan.com”and other mainstream media went to site, passed the show dynamic at the first time!


At the same time, besides the official website, the exhibition also conveyed a full range of information and information immediately to the portable mobile terminal through the official WeiBo, official WeChat and other owned media platform and instant messaging tools, to facilitate the audience to understand the full range of auto show and visit with their special intention.


Exhibitors gathered to bring professional exhibits



Perfect Ending, Industrial Pinnacle ——      Perfect Ending, Industrial Pinnacle ——



"SR SHOW" is hosted by China Service Robot Industry Alliance and Caiqi Media, co-organized by the Robot Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Ministry of Science and Technology. As a professional technology and application exhibition for the robot industry, the exhibition integrated the service robot machine, the core technology and others nearly 100 kinds of products, the top-class domestic and abroad service robot manufacturers gathered here.


For a long time, "SR SHOW” grow together with the development of the industry, win the recognition and trust of enterprises by the quality and credibility, every year besides the active participation of some well-known enterprises such as SIASUN, HIT Robot, SLAMTEC, ALDEBARAN Robotics, many emerging excellent brands debut constantly, too. Such as Haier, Aispeech, Tosun, Ecovacs, etc. this phenomenon intensively responded the good development momentum of robot industry!


Abundant activities made grand exhibition


The organizers are committed to construct a grand meeting by the latest and most complete exhibition lineup and colorful concurrent exhibition activities for the industry participants. As a professional exhibition of Chinese service robot industry, in addition to providing abundant exhibits, the organizers will also be able to help the broad masses of professional visitors to effectively learn about the latest products, technologies and trends, and carefully planned to prepare ample exhibition activities.



Perfect Ending, Industrial Pinnacle ——



“the King of Intelligently Sweeping” sweeping robot science popularization contest was hosted at the first day on site. For the coverage of sweeping robots, SLT floor dust removal, obstacle crossing ability of three capabilities, simulated life real (IEC 62885-7), different functional products chased the champion on-site. The contest was supervised by third-party detection institution Suzhou LvChuang Technology Services Limited and Dekai Quality Certification (Shanghai) co., LTD. Finally, ECOVACS DR97, JuJiaPaPaZou M504, Fengrui Electricity FR Skyeye, Matsushita Electric MC-8R76C, ZhiYi technology ILIFE X620 and Tabfamily T730.H respectively win “the King of Intelligently Sweeping”, “the King of Cleaning”, “the King of Coverage”, “the King of Obstacle Crossing”, the Best Design Award and the Best Popularity Award.


Service Robot Reverse Procurement Seminar is another highlight of SR SHOW, an innovative trade exchange model that uses reverse procurement to invite a group of premium buyers to SR SHOW site to communicate, promotes cooperation.


At the same period, in addition to the above brand activities, there are a number of service robot performances, such as the sky-flying unmanned aerial vehicles, the ground-running special robots, sweeping robots, the children-holding educational companion robot, a variety of humanoid robots obtained the applause of audience.


The success of "SR SHOW" undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the next international service robot show. The organizers confidently said that, with the China economy continuous growth, China service robot industry maintain a high-speed development trend, not only does SR SHOW reflect the needs of the Chinese market, but also on behalf of the global market trends, the show will continue to maintain its professional status, attract more domestic and foreign exhibitors and the arrival of the audience. The organizers would like to thank you for your continuous support and attention, and look forward to meeting you at the "SR SHOW 5th Shanghai International Service Robot Show"!

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