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Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!



In May 18-19, 2017, SR SUMMIT 2017 the 5th Beijing International Service Robot Core Technology and Channel Application Summit got a perfect ending in Beijing!



Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!


There were 15 + high-quality booths, 30 + wonderful speeches in this thousand-people industry event, more than 50 industry authorities delivered excellent lectures around the service robot core technology, scene applications and market channels and other issues, give us the cutting-edge practice, thinking and judging, expressed suggestions and made plans for service robot industry.


The summit, with the theme of "Wisdom · Cooperation · Mutually Benefit ", was co-hosted by China Service Robot Industry Alliance and Caiqi Media, and co-sponsored by many organizations and media. Organizers are renowned in industry by hosting professional and quality conference, the summit is effort to build, integrate rich resources to enhance their comprehensive strength, meet the different needs of the guests in multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional, multi-media ways, fully play the role ——the "industry messenger"—— to completely show you a high valuable  "Cooperation · Mutually Benefit" event!


Lecture: Industry experts & Substantial cutting-edge technology



Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!



This summit was a substantial progress of technology sharing and idea communication.


In the morning at May 18, the executive chairman of summit, the SIASUN Robot Co., Ltd. CTO Xu Fang shared the thinking of innovation development of intelligent robot industry; BUAA Professor, Institute of Robot Honorary Director Wang Tianmiao expressed his opinion on the topic of "Service Robot Industry Is an Opportunity or A Bubble". Subsequently, the professor of the University of Hamburg Zhang Jianwei, the director of the Institute of Robotics, Robotics and Intelligent Information Processing of Shanghai Jiaotong University Chen Weidong, respectively introduced the current research progress of artificial intelligence in improving robot performance and the research progress of software operation robot; Finally, Suzhou Bright Future Intelligent Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang Chao prepared the "Intelligent Companion Robot 'Dazhi'  Cooperation & Mutual Benefit Sharing Communication” for us. In addition, the Haidian District Economic and Informatization Office Director Mr. He Jianwu attended the summit and gave a speech, warmly welcomed arrival of everyone and wished the success of summit.


In the afternoon, Sun Fuchun, executive director of the National Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems, brought the keynote speech on "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Cognitive Era";  followed by the Intel China Research Institute Robot Interactive Laboratory Director, chief researcher Zhang Yimin, he  brought the speech  "the Avoidless Way For Service Robot Intelligent Technology: AI + SI"; Shenzhen ORBBEC Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Jiang Longye brought " Application Program Introduction of 3D Camera in the Robot Industry "; Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Acoustics researcher, China Acoustics Standardization Technical Committee Chairman Li Xiaodong elaborated "Machine Hearing - History and Development"; Shenzhen LeiShen Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. Chairman & CEO Hu Xiaobo brought "the Laser Technology Application in the Service Robot "; the father of “Xiaomi Robot”, Slightech co-founder & CEO Pang Linyong brought “Talking About the Core Technology and Artificial Intelligence Robot" .


After a short break, deputy director of Tsinghua University - Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute Xiao Xi prepared the theme speech "Robot High-Performance Drive And Control Technology" for us;  UBTECH Education (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. CEO Wang Wei brought the "Exploration in the Field of Robotic Education Applications " ; Shenzhen ZhongZhi KeChuang Robot Co., Ltd. chief scientist, robot research institute director Mei Tao brought "Security Robot Key Technology And Industry Prospects" ;  LegendStar Investment Management Co., Ltd vice president of investment, Gao Tianyao, delivered a keynote speech on " Investment Practices About Service Robot and Artificial Intelligence".


Ranging from the core technology of the service robot to the market channels and the investment practice, all above industry experts carried out in-depth analysis, on their respective areas, shared their actual experience and sentiment. Participants greatly benefit from this valuable wealth!


Dialogue: the industry celebrity; deep collision of thinking



Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!



The organizer also arranged two high-level dialogues on May 18 respectively. In the morning, the Shanghai SLAMTEC Technology Co., Ltd. founder and chief strategist Lin Ling; Aispeech Information Technology Co., Ltd. CMO Ltd. Long Mengzhu, Ecovacs Robot Co., Ltd. Assistant to the Chairman Gao Xiang; Qingdao Krud Robot Co., Ltd. founder Hu Jie; Bingo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Founder & CEO Min Haibo CEO made a deep discussion on the "AI And Key Technological Breakthroughs Will Lead The Service of the Robot Where To Go " , pointed out the direction for the intelligent service robot core technology breakthrough.


Afternoon, Qingdao Tosun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Guo Jie;  Hunan RONGLE Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Qiu Ping; Beijing Zi’an Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chief strategy officer Pu Zhenhua; Jiangsu Njuelectronics Information Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Di Min, Gome intelligent product division minister Ma Guobao, the Chairman of the Committee of experts of National Tourism Star Hotel Evaluation Committee Xu Jinzhi, showed their views on the " the Channel Development of Service Robot Scene Application”. It gave the participants more choices of intelligent service robot products and market applications channel development.


These industry elites talked with confidence and composure, opened the brain storm of service robot, showed the development context of service robot industry in global.


“Golden Robot Awards”,  All Cases Had Been Settled



Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!



In addition to let us personally feel the “thinking battle”, as well as the shadowless war of theory. The organizers also held a "Golden Robot Awards " 2017 service robot brand evaluation meeting. competition was organized by the China Service Robot Industry Alliance, Caiqi Media, Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Robot Industry of MOST, which has been held for 4 consecutive years. The event has been widely regarded by the industry for its fair and objective selection process, it was honored “Service Robot Industrial Oscar Award”! Now, it has become the most professional, influential and representative of the industry selection in the field of Chinese service robot!


This evaluation meeting released three awards: Core Technology Award, Enterprise Innovation Award, Outstanding Product Award. We issue the awards for the enterprises, products and technology that paid important innovation to the service robot industry. Here is the list:


Core Technology Award:

· Shenzhen ORBBEC Technology Co., Ltd. 【3D sensor camera】

· Shenzhen LeiShen Intelligent System Co., Ltd. 【Laser Radar Solutions】

· Suzhou Aispeech Information Technology Co., Ltd. 【Ring six microphone array】

· Shanghai Slamtec Technology Co., Ltd. 【RPLIDAR T1】

· Wuhan Stormorai Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. 【Stormorai Intelligent Semantic Interactive Platform】


Enterprise Innovation Award:

· Beijing Kang CANBOT Technology Co., Ltd. 【"Youyou U05" Business Services Robot】

· Ecovacs Commercial Robot Co., Ltd. 【Wangbao】

· Guangdong LiBin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 【LEPION LeBin Robot】

· Qingdao Tosun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 【"Tank" Tosun Financial Security Robot】

· Shandong Chuangze Information Technology Co., Ltd. 【"ChuangChuang" Intelligent Service Robot】

· Beijing Zi’an Security Technology Co., Ltd. 【"Xiao’an" Home Security Service Robot】


Outstanding Product Award:

· Shanghai Tangdi Information Technology Co., Ltd. 【Bank Service Robot】

· Aicrobo Technology (Shenzhen) Limited Liability Company 【Warehousing and Transportation Robot】

· Jiangsu Eastern Glod Jade Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. 【Xiaoxiaoxiong Intelligent Education Robot】

· Beijing ARTrobot Technology Co., Ltd. 【ART Technology ART Robot】

· Hangzhou JoLong Robot Co., Ltd. 【JoLong Intelligent Sweeping robot SRA06】

· Suzhou Bright Future Intelligent Robot Technology Co., Ltd. 【 "Dazhi" Intelligent Escort Robot】

· Slighttech Intelligent Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 【“Xiaomi” robot】

·Hefei ZhongkeAowei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.  【 ”Yiyawo" Green Environmental Protection Robot】


Plaque Conferring Ceremony for CSRIA New Members



Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!



After a rigorous review of the Union, at the meeting site, a total of 11 companies were awarded the union plaque, they officially became members of our union, transfused the fresh blood into union, they were:

Slighttech Intelligent Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

Shandong Chuangze Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Weihai GBOND Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,

Beijing Orient Xinghua Technology Development Co., Ltd.,

Beijing Zi’an Technology Development Co., Ltd.,

Taizhou Robotics Society,

Wuhan Stormorai Technology Co., Ltd.,

Tianjin Josen Technology Co., Ltd.,

Nanjing Sumec Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.,

Tianjin SanYida Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.,

Dalian Dahuazhongtian Technology Co., Ltd.

 Member units unanimously said that in the future they will rely on the broad platform provided by the Union, work hard for promoting the development of China service robot industry.


The High-Level Booth; Special Splendidness on Site



Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!


Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!



Service Robot Safety, Testing and Standard Technology Forum



Service Robot Summit Was Perfectly Held at Beijing, Let’s Achieve Dream Together!


At May 19, the second day of the summit, the organizers set a special forum ——Service Robot Safety, Testing and Standard Technology Sub-Forum. Shandong University Professor Tian Guinhui; SIASUN Robot Automation Co., Ltd. Vice President Zou Fengshan; Automation Research Institute National Center for Robot Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Liaoning) Technical Director Li Zhihai; Harbin Institute of Technology Group Public Service Robot Technical Director Zhou Maojun; Xiamen Huawei Internet Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Changzhen; Liaoning Tami Technology Co. CEO Quan Longcheng, and other industry experts came to the scene, brought technical lectures in safety, testing, standardization of services robot, window robots, public service robots, let participants benefit a lot.


Service robot summit had been perfectly concluded, this summit gathered robot industry outstanding business leaders and experts, gave you a different tour of the trip with the latest cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and substantial knowledge. The organizers also hope that by this platform, all sectors of the industry colleagues can share experience with each other, bring ideas and wisdom to us, strengthen cooperation and interaction, grasp the service robot industry new opportunities mutually, accumulate a greater development force.


We are looking forward to meet you at November 2017, SR SHOW 2017 6th (Shanghai) International Service Robot Technology and Application Show!


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