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Listing date: 2017-04-20
金鹰王 / product details

Organizing Committee sincerely invite all industry associations / business groups to visit the exhibition, and provide distinguished buyers services to eligible groups.




Requirements for forming a group

The lowest number for a group is 20 and that of visitors is 15.


Preferential treatment:

1. Visiting the exhibition through independent visiting group registration channel;

2. Having an opportunity to enjoy transportation subsidy and shuttle bus services in Shanghai;

3. Using guest and foreign buyer lounge for free;

4. Every visitor can have a gift;

5. Staff will offer you tours of the exhibition and help you get to know businesses and potential customers;

6. Service of procurement fair;

7. Helping arrange local accommodation;


Ways of registration:

Click here to download the "Group visitors registration form", please complete the form content, then sent to the organizing committee as requirements  of pre-registration procedures;

E-mail: srshow@csria.cn

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