Golden Robot Award·2018 service robot annual most valuable brand award and awarding ceremony. Golden Robot Award carries the professional and authoritative value view, promotes innovative and profound business wisdom, establishes annual brand models, leads the new products and technology trends of Chinese service robot industry, and promotes continuous innovation and technology progress of service robot industry.




Award item

"Golden Robot" Excellent Product Award

"Golden Robot" Technology Innovation Award
"Golden Robot" Core Technology Award
"Golden Robot" Creative Individual Award
"Golden Robot" Excellent Platform Award


Application and assessment process

1. Please downloading and filling in award application form;

2. Submitting application application form; please submitting finished award application form to ada.qin@csria.cn before October 15th.

3. Judge assessment: review committee will assess all application materials in the spirit of independence, justice and confidentiality.

4. Publishing award list: the award list will be published on the award ceremony of Golden Robot award on November 20th.


Golden Robot Award · Service robot brand assessment method


General rules

⒈ In order to promote development of service robot industry, healthy and orderly cooperation and exchange of service robot enterprises and progress and upgrading of industry, technology and product, Chinese Service Robot Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”) sets up Golden Robot Award · service robot brand assessment (hereinafter referred to as “Award”) and this method.

⒉ The Award is open to service robot and related product enterprises.

⒊ The Award is aimed at taking a lead in service robot industry and rewarding enterprises, people and advanced products which make a great contribution and have a great influence

⒋ In order to maintain the justice, equity and openness of this award, assessment and awarding will not be subject to intervention of any organizations or individuals and is free.
Ⅱ  Setting and declaration of award

⒌ Award is divided into professional group and public group. There are 6 awards in this competition and all can be vacant.

⒍ Products applying for the Award should have proprietary intellectual property rights and a company can only apply to no more than 2 awards.

⒎ Award adopts the principle of voluntary declaration, and companies and people should fill in uniform declaration forms and provide authentic and reliable assessment and demonstration documents.

⒏ The Alliance will publish programs applying for the Award on official website of the Alliance and official website of International Service Robot Exhibition, and is subject to supervision of the industry.

Ⅲ Assessment and awarding

⒐ The award is assessed once a year.

⒑ Award of professional group is assessed by experts of the Alliance; award of public group is assessed by online customers on website assigned by the Alliance.

⒒ The Alliance presents the award to the winner and publish it on the official website of International Service Robot Exhibition.

⒓ The award ceremony will be on the International Service Robot Exhibition.


Ⅳ Penalty provision

⒔ If companies or individuals plagiarize, counterfeit and infringe others’ inventions or products, provide false materials and data or use other improper means to win the competition, the award will be canceled after confirmation by the Alliance, credentials and awards will be withdrawn and it will be published on the official website of the Alliance.


Ⅴ Annex

⒕ The alliance formulates this method and holds the power of interpretation.

⒖ This method comes into force upon promulgation.




Committee of Golden Robot Award

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