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With the development of technology, service robot has come into people's view gradually and popularized. The service robot is a young member of the robot family, which can be divided into professional service robot  and personal service robot, both of which are in different industrialization stage with bright future.

At present, there are at least 48 countries in the world which are developing robots. Among them, 25 countries have involved in the development of service robots. In Japan, North America and Europe, there are more than 40 service robots (7 types) that are in experimental and semi commercial applications in the field of service robot.

According to the latest statistics from the International Federation of Robots (IFR), global service robot market is growing at a rate of 20% - 30%. According to prediction of MarketsandMarkets, the compound annual growth rate of global service robot in 2012 -2017 will be about 17.4%, and will reach $46.18 billion until 2017. Service robot is expected to become one of the most potential growth points in the field of robots.

According to the Made in China 2025 Strategy, we should overall plan and promote the R&D and industrialization of intelligent transportation, service robots, smart appliances, smart lighting equipment, wearable devices and other products. As for robots, focus on the application demands of special robots, medical robots, family services, education and entertainment, guiding robots, catering and other service robots, actively develop new products, promote the standardization and modularization of robots, and expand the application market.




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