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Commercial & Domestic service robot

Cleaning robot

Education robot

Entertainment robot

Emotional companion robot

Health care robot

Intelligent interacting robot

Pet robot

Humanoid robot

Wearable smart equipment



Professional & Special service robot:

Catering guiding robot

Shopping guiding robot

Medical robot

Rescue robot

Fire-fighting robot

Underwater robot

Inspection robot

EOD robot

Consumer UAV

Customer service robot

Theme parks robot



Accessories, technology and service of robot:

Robot joints, multi-function robot hand, engine, retarder,  drive, sensor (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, stress, action, etc.),navigation system, control system, simulation tester, battery, charger, cable, wire/wireless communication, Internet of Things, etc.

Industrial design, media, research institutions, high-tech parks, associations & alliances, incubation platforms, etc.


Core technology of service robot:

Artificial intelligence, Visual / voice / emotional recognition, AR / VR technology, synthesis technology, analysis & interaction technology, navigation & location technology, follow technology, multi-machine scheduling technology, chassis technology, cloud computing, big data and cloud services, etc.


China Service Robot Industry Alliance emerging enterprises exhibition area.


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